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The wrong finger to wear your Matching Necklaces A common mistake women make!

Each ring you wear will convey a lot about who you are. It could be a reflection of your character, your values and your life. Wedding rings, engagement rings and promise rings are a symbol of deep meaning. Even the way they are worn tells a story.

Bulgari engagement rings are known for their elegant, refined and luxurious designs. Typically, they are made from precious materials like diamonds of high-quality and gold they are an expression of loyalty and love that lasts forever.

Which finger is the ring positioned on?

In many Western traditions, the bride and couple exchange wedding rings following their vows during the ceremony. The wedding ring is traditionally been placed on the left hand finger, which is believed by many to be closest to the heart. Particularly the wedding ring, it is generally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is commonly called the ring finger.

The act of counting fingers from the thumb can be confusing. In this instance the fourth left hand finger would be the finger that lies between the middle and little finger. The tradition has roots back to Ancient Egypt when it was believed there was a direct vein connecting the ring to the heart. It is not a vein, but the symbolism remains in place to this day.

The wedding ring you wear on your left hand offers many benefits, particularly in the event that you wear it frequently. Since most people are right-handed, the ring is less often at risk of being damaged or struck by a blow during everyday activities. Of of course, if you want to wear the ring on your left hand, it is possible to wear the ring with your left hand, which is the case in many cultures, such as Jewish, Orthodox Christian, and a variety of other countries.

In the end, deciding the right finger for your wedding engagement ring is an individual decision. But, the majority of people choose to wear the ring finger of the left hand, since it is a symbol for love and commitment towards their partner.

Rings on the right or left hand?

One of the primary questions we are frequently asked is whether to wear rings on the left hand or right hand. Leaving cultural symbolism aside we at Scermino Gioielli think that this is a completely personal choice. The left hand is usually thought of as the "mental" hand, used for thinking and creative activities while the right hand is considered the "physical" hand, which is used for more practical activities. If you're doing manual work and use your hands to work and you're not sure which hand is dominant, then the more dominant hand could be the one you prefer, but we think mixing both hands can have a modern and refined look.

On which finger to wear rings and their meaning

First finger (index)

The index finger is also called the "first finger" and historically has symbolized confidence, self-esteem and leadership. It's no coincidence that a large number of representations of monarchs and royal portraits feature rings on the index finger.

The slender shape of index fingers makes it perfect for almost any design, from a stylish silver band, to small jewelry with a colored gemstone. It is important to select an appearance that reflects your character.

However, it is important to consider cultural traditions before wearing an ring on your left index finger, as in some cultures this symbolizes marriage. If you're already married, or you still wish to wear rings on your right index finger, I recommend that you pick the Platinum Bilogy Ring with Diamonds that fit perfectly on this finger.

The index finger has also traditionally been an indicator of status, and many men have wore family ring on their index fingers over the decades. If you are looking for a gift idea for yourself or a special man in your life, you may think about the Yellow Gold Men's Ring.

The index finger is a symbol of strength and confidence. Rings worn on this finger can help you show your personality and style. Choose a design that fits your style and makes you feel at your best, regardless of your cultural traditions or fashion trends.

Second finger (middle)

It is important to remember that the middle finger symbolizes values and responsibility when you decide which finger to wear rings!

A ring placed on the middle finger demonstrates that the wearer is serious about life and is aware of the difference between right and wrong. This is the longest finger and allows the bold clear and crystal-clear design to shine through, like a gemstone ring.

The third finger (ring-finger)

The finger of the ring has a symbolic significance that differs based on the hand in which it is worn. In some cultures, both hands are used to represent "promises", romantic or otherwise, but on the left hand the ring finger has a special meaning: it signifies the status of a married couple.

The Roman belief that a vein connected the left ring finger to the heart meant that this finger was the symbol of marriage. However wearing rings on the left ring finger not necessarily mean you're married, but it can be a sign of engagement or a promise.

If you are looking for a special ring for this ring finger we suggest taking an interest in our collection of wedding and engagement rings, all of which are beautiful and suitable for the special occasion! If you're looking for something truly magical then the solitaire ring appears like it came straight from a fairytale! If you're looking for an elegant design we suggest taking to the ruby and diamond ring, created in a heart shape and available in 18k white gold.

Little finger

In certain professional fields, the little finger symbolizes the person's professional status. Graduates often wear the ring on their little finger to signify the completion of their studies. They are typically simple bands of iron, silver, stainless steel, or any other metal.

In a way we could say that the tiny finger can be a stage to show the world our training and abilities. Who would ever thought that rings on this finger could carry so much meaning? The next time you see a pinky-ring adorning someone's finger take note that the ring may be more than just an ornament.

We suggest you check out the engagement rings and Tiffany bracelets pages to ensure you don't have any missing pieces in your outfit!

Why Trilogy? Why do we recommend Trilogy rings? What exactly are they?

Trilogy rings are picked due to their unique symbolism. They represent the past, present, and future of a relation. They are a tangible symbol of love that is eternal and continuity and are the perfect present for special occasions like anniversaries, engagements or other significant occasions. We recommend these rings with engagement rings because their significance is similar. Below is a blog about the meaning behind Trilogy.


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